Roy : Who is Roy?

I’d heard reviews left right and centre about how bad a movie Roy is, but I couldn’t make up my mind till I had watched it myself, so on a seemingly quiet Saturday morning, I set out to watch Roy, popcorn in hand, I went in with zero expectations.

The story starts with Kabir Grewal, a writer/director who’s trying to work on his new movie. Intense, brooding and a chain smoker, he’s clearly suffering from a writers block. Suddenly, inspiration hits him as he’s watching the news and ‘Roy’ is born.

Interestingly, the one line concept of Roy is great! The story and the writers life run parallel to each other. The movie had the potential to be a good one, but it failed terribly in terms of casting. I usually like Arjun Rampal in intense roles but the emotion was totally missing in Roy. Jacqueline Fernandes could very well be a statue. She lacks dialogue delivery and single handedly brings down the energy of the whole movie. She’s pretty, I’ll give you that, but she could not be Ayesha and Tia. Ranbir Kapoor – A talented actor, no doubt, but pretty much wasted.

Where the plot lost itself was the sequence of events, it got confusing because beyond a point, you don’t know who is Roy and who is Kabir. You don’t understand the progression of the story. It’s a massive hotch potch.

To be honest, this is a concept that could be turned into a great movie but the slow, boring treatment, bad casting, and messed up screenplay killed it.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t watch Roy.

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