PK : Yay or Nay?

Take Aamir Khan’s image as the perfectionist, add a swig of Rajkumar Hirani’s directorial prowess, an extra terrestrial, some pretty interesting characters and a touch of Oh My God and you have PK,

When I saw the promos of PK. I have to be honest, I was really intrigued. The movie did not fail to deliver in that aspect, As Jaggat Janani, rightly says there are crores of stars in our galaxy, can’t there be one planet where people like us exist? Enter PK. The minute he lands on our planet, he is treated to the most common kind of people we have. A thief. Now with his ‘remote control’ gone and his only way to go home stolen. PK is on a quest. All he wants is to go home. A feeling almost anyone can relate to.

This is the story of an alien, wanting to go home, but eventually showing us there is so much more to life than how we see it, Although, a Bhojpuri speaking alien is a little too much to digest. Coupled with the overbearing expressions of Aamir Khan, it’s a little meh sometimes.┬áThe innocence of a child, the carefree nature of speaking his mind without a second thought and doing ‘unique’ things is something we’ve seen Aamir do in 3 Idiots, where he was also a misfit, with all his unique ideologies and thoughts, but somehow PK isn’t about Aamir Khan, or his acting. It isn’t about any of the actors. It’s about the message.

A socially aware film that doesn’t just bring out the stereotypes and call them out for being ‘Wrong numbers but manages to make you feel a little light headed despite the seriousness of the content. It brings out the aspect of being ‘human’ more than being a ‘Hindu’ or a ‘Muslim’. All in all, I think PK is a fantastic attempt at trying to create a better world and trying to get people to reject blind faith and believe in ‘The God that created us’ not in ‘The God that was created by Man’

Although through the movie, there was a lot happening, and I feel it could have been cut short a little bit, I laughed, got a little teary eyed and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Watch PK this weekend, just to get a taste of what it’s like to be an alien stuck in our world!

That’s it folks!

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