Pink : A film that needs to be watched.

Pink. The color used to stereotype females

Pink. The color of a girl’s lipstick

Pink. A film that needs to be watched.

Shoojit Sircar’s Pink, is a film about the harsh realities of today’s modern times. Starring Taapsee Pannu, Kriti Kulhari Andrea Tariang and Amitabh Bachchan and directed by Aniruddha Roy, Pink has the makings of a real film that centers around a word, some men  don’t get – NO. 

Minal Arora, Falak Ali and Andrea are 3 independent working women, who meet Rajveer, Dumpy and Vishwa at a rock concert and accept their dinner invitation. Unfortunately, things get out of hand when Rajveer tries to molest Minal despite her saying NO. In a tense moment Minal smashes a bottle on his head, causing grievous injury to his eye. The girls then leave, letting Rajveer’s friends tend to him. Thus setting the premise of the film.

3 Girls. 3 Boys. One night gone wrong. Who’s right?

Enter, Ankit Malhotra (Vijay Verma), Rajveer’s friend who believes that the girls need to be taught a lesson. When he calls Minal, and tells her in explicit words, that because she has hurt his friend, he would hurt her back, implying that they would have to rape her. When the threats to all 3 girls continue, they are scared but still brave, Minal then files an FIR, but since Rajveer is the nephew of an important MLA, her requests are gone unheard. One fine day, the police land up at the Girls home, and arrest Minal on the charges of ‘Attempt to Murder’ ‘Soliciting and Extorting’ and ‘Prostitution’.

If a girl drinks, smokes, is not a virgin, or is independent, does her consent mean any less? It begets the age old philosophy of what “Achi Ghar Ki Ladkiyaan” do or not do. Through a series of events the girls are subjected to the reality of court trials in today’s apparent ‘modern’ times. Cross questioned on everything that they do from having an older boyfriend to having lost her virginity at 19 to being a North Eastern girl. What’s worse is the men harassing them, seem like educated men who have this strong sense of entitlement. If a girl is talking to you, and smiling even a little bit, she is an easy target.

In a display of extracting emotion with just words, Amitabh Bachchan who plays the girls advocate, explains that NO means NO and there is no question of having it any other way. Consent is important. Approval is important. And just because they’re being friendly, does not mean you have the permission to do what you want.

As a film, Pink does a wonderful job of driving the point home, over and over again. The true brilliance of this film, is in it’s performers and it’s writing. Kriti, is the gem that shone the brightest. I personally loved her performances through the film. Taapsee, who plays a strong badass initially, is cowed down by the slightest bit through these trials. Of course, Pink had a much more unrealistic end, with the girls winning the case. It does not generally happen in real life, but since it’s a film, the audience gets to go home with the satisfaction that everything could be alright in life. If only, we learned to teach our boys to understand the meaning of NO, rather than our girls constantly having to prove it.

Do not miss this film at all.

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