Piku : An emotional motion picture

Motion me hi emotion hai!

Piku Bannerjee’s steadfast and ambitious drive may be relatable by all the young urban women, but what’s more appealing is her relationship with her Baba – Bhaskor Bannerjee. From constipation to health issues, she has to deal with work, social life and her Baba. Piku is a satisfying film if you’re looking for something different.

There’s something that’s so beautiful about simplistic cinema and Piku is gorgeous. A simple story with great story telling, real dialogues and beautiful visuals. With the domestic discord and yet the loving father daughter relationship, the eccentricities of a bengali father and the independence of a daughter, Piku is a must watch. It’s refreshing, it’s real and it’s beautiful in it’s emotions.

A lot has been said about how Deepika and Amitabh ji stepped up in terms of acting out the Bengali family, but it’s time to appreciate the true gem of the film. Irrfan. His comic timing, and his performance made the entire movie worthwhile. There were times when he felt Piku and her father were a burden but even more so where he felt they were a blessing. His chemistry with both Deepika and Amit ji is stupendous.

Amitabh Bachchan playing Bhaskor Banerjee with his witty lines that are somehow laced with philosophy “Shaadi without purpose…. Low IQ” rings a bell with most young girls in these times. While the leads are taking away hearts, a loud mention to the supporting cast without whom, the film would’t be what it is.

That in itself is a win. Piku is refreshing. That’s probably the only word I can use to describe it. GO WATCH PIKU!

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