Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron Trailer

As we witness the drama, comedy and romances of 2014, we eagerly await 2015, which has so much to look forward to!

The most awaited and eagerly anticipated movie of all has to be ‘Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron’

My opinion of this could be slightly biased because I am a Marvel fangirl but this trailer truly makes you grip the person beside you and say “Damn! I wanna watch this!” It sets the pace right from the start when you hear the background score to the minute you see the red beam of light that reveals ‘May 2015’. Looks like this one’s about the struggle of each character and that’s what I think we are all going to love! The Hulk, who can actually smash gods, is crouching in the corner, Thor drops his hammer out of shock and the usually snarky Tony Stark doesn’t look so sassy anymore. The high octane energy and the tension is prevalent among our favorite bunch of superheroes. Hands down, this is one movie I’m definitely waiting for.  

Watch the trailer here and see for yourself. 

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