About Me

“You Must Write For Yourself, And Not What You Think People Want To Read” – Jodie Ellen Malpas

Born and brought up in Mumbai and a hard core foodie. I have Bollywood in my blood, music in my head, and art in my heart. Media seemed like the only career option that I knew I would enjoy.

After venturing into television reality, fiction, movies, digital media and eventually back to movies. I’ve come to realize that you can take a person out of cinema but not cinema out of a person. The glamour of the field doesn’t attract me, but what does attract me is the satisfaction of seeing my film do well. A film marketeer by profession and a writer by passion.

Filmy Vodka, is a platform for me to voice out my opinions, ramblings and takes on the thing I love the most – Bollywood. So read, review and enjoy 🙂

Forever open to feedback, you can get in touch with me on  richaa.vaidya@gmail.com


Richaa Vaidya